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Kheradkia Dana Co. headquartered in Tehran Iran, as an Engineering company, supplies portable, laboratory and online analyzers and instruments as well as oil pollution removal tools (oil booms, pads and skimmers) to different Iranian industries especially in environmental and oil field (oil industries process analyzers), and ever since we have been recognized by many major Iranian companies both in private sector and government owned companies.

We pride ourselves on providing you with the latest information about instruments, laboratory equipment, sensors, calibration services, analytical procedures and know how to measure the Chemical & Physical parameters in water and wastewater systems, environmental air quality and stack gases analysis applications (CEMS), process analyzers, Oil contaminant removal systems, industrial sensors for pressure, temperature, flow, level … 

We offer a wide range of quality products, efficient customer service and excellent maintenance back-up from our Service organization. We are committed to a continuous program of our services and product offerings delivering updated information on the latest innovative scientific products to our customers.

We have been sole representative or local agent for the following companies for more than ten years in Iran: 

Tethys Instruments France,

Manufacturer of various measurement technologies for water quality measurements such as UV Spectroscopy, UV Spectroscopy after gas stripping, UV Fluorescence, Colorimetric, Nephelometric, Electrochemical

Systea Company Italy,

Water and waste water online analyzers based on wet chemistry, online microbiology and water toxicity analyzers

 DKK-TOA – Japan ,

Laboratory and online analyzers in oil and gas refineries field, petrochemical plants, water and wastewater, and ambient air. 

Applied Analytics Inc USA,

Global manufacturer of industrial process analysis instruments to measure real-time H2S, SO2, Air Demand Tail Gas, COS and other chemical concentrations in liquid or gas process streams, as well as physical parameters like color, calorific value, and purity.

  Empteezy Group EU,

  Oil contaminants removal tools (Oil Booms, Pads, Skimmers etc)

As a growing company and emerging as a leader in the analytical field, we are going to expand our relations to well-known manufacturers of scientific and high technology products for universities, research and R&D centers.

Call us today on 0098 21 44748401 ~15 or cell phone 0098 9121034461 and experience personal service and commitment without compare.